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4 Tips For Electrical Contractors To Recover Resources, Reduce Costs And Put Money Back In The Business

If you are an electrical contractor, the cost of materials, equipment and waste disposal can quickly eat into the profits of your business. Therefore, you want to do whatever possible to cut costs and recover resources. Some of the options that you may want to consider for your business include recycling and selling your used equipment. The following tips will help you put money back in your business with recycling and resource recovery policies:

1. Establishing Policies to Reduce Waste and Ordering Materials on Per Job Basis

It is important to establish policies for your business that reduce waste and keep jobs clean. You want to make sure that you order materials for projects on a per-job-basis and limit inventory to only the most essential materials. In addition, when jobs are finished, have waste classified and inventory scrap copper and other materials that are cash resources that can be recycled to put money back in your business.

2. Cleaning and Collecting Valuable Scrap When Jobs Are Completed to Recycle

When you do jobs like remodeling a commercial property where you are replacing existing wiring, there are a lot of scraps to be removed. The problem is that old wires and equipment may have materials like insulation, cases, and other things that cannot be recycled. Have the scraps cleaned and separate valuable metal scrap from waste that needs to go to the landfill. The valuable metal scraps should be organized into steal and tin, silver, brass, and copper. Keep an inventory of the weight of all your metal scraps and sell them to be recycled when you do not have space to store them.

3. Turning the Old Equipment You Remove into Valuable Resources

When you are doing big remodeling jobs or renovations, there may be a lot of old electrical equipment that gets removed. Sometimes, this equipment can be refurbished and reused. Keep equipment that can still be used, or sell it to an equipment service that refurbishes old electrical equipment. Doing this can help save money on materials when you do new projects or put the money back into your business if you sell the old electrical equipment that you do not need.

4. Saving Your Business and Your Clients Money by Using Refurbished Electrical Equipment

The old equipment that you remove from jobs can often be refurbished and reused. Keep a stock of common materials that you remove, such as conjunction boxes and cases for electrical equipment. It may also be a good investment to buy equipment to clean these materials and refinish them to look like new so that they can be reused. This can save you money because you will not have to buy new inventory, and you can also tell your customers about your refurbished equipment to offer them a discount.

These are some tips to help with recycling and resource recovery to help electrical contractors reduce costs and put resources back into their business. Contact a scrap metal recycling service to get paid from old wiring and electrical equipment that you remove from big jobs and put the cash resources back into your business.  

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