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Tips For Protecting Your Temporary Garbage Bin From Dumpster Divers Ll

Although dumpster diving is legal in most parts of the United States, the mess and possibility of injuries associated with doing so often result in the need to consistently limit access to the contents of the unit. For example, many dumpster divers will make a mess when removing non-usable waste from the garbage bin and there is always the possibility of injury to non-approved individuals who go into the area. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following advice when you are concerned about guarding your roll off dumpster and its contents from people who would like to rummage through its contents for personal gain.    

Consider Locking The Unit

Just because you see no value in specific items, it doesn't mean that other people will share your opinion. That means that you should assume that protecting your items, even what you may consider to be of no value, is crucial.   

However, locking the unit may not be as simple as you hope. For instance, you should verify with the owner of the dumpster that you are allowed to purchase a lock for it. In addition, you may find that it is possible to rent a dumpster that comes with its own locking mechanism in the form of a large bar that can be secured. If you choose that option, it is best to make sure that all employees or workers who will need access to the bin are tall enough to be able to access the bar.   

Post Signs And Enforce Them

One important and easy to overlook step to take when protecting the sanctity of your dumpster will often relate to how well you enforce the information you provided to possible divers. For example, it is easy to post a sign saying that you will contact the police if people are caught accessing the unit. Unfortunately, dumpster diving is legal through most of the country and many of the people who salvage items from the garbage are aware of that, so the threat of law enforcement is not as scary as you might hope.  

Instead, post signs warning that there are no items of value in the dumpster. Alternatively, you can inform them that the inside of the dumpster has been filled with a liquid, such as bleach, or covered with the feces from a litter box, to make accessing the items within the unit less attractive. If you do so, you should verify that the use of those items in the rental dumpster does not violate your contract with the company owning it.

In addition, it's important to note that dumpster diving often gains its legal status because it can be perceived as abandoned property on public property and therefore free to the public. By extension, it is possible that by moving the garbage bin in question to your property or even within a fence, it is no longer on public property and individuals entering it could be trespassing. By making those changes and posting a sign near the dumpster to advise visitors that it is private property and trespassers are not wanted, law enforcement in your area might be in a better position to deter the invaders.       

In conclusion, a roll off dumpster can be of immense value when you are remodeling your home or business. However, dumpster divers could make a mess out of your garbage and their carelessness has been known to result in injuries. As a result, the tips listed above will be very useful when you need to protect the dumpster from unwanted invaders.