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3 Common Household Items You Should Never Throw In Your Trash Can

Most people are aware that there are limitations on what type of waste they can dispose of through their residential trash removal service. For instance, if someone were to tell you that you cannot throw hypodermic needles into your trash bag, this probably would not come as a huge shock. Furthermore, this restriction would likely have very little impact on your life. After all, if you rely on these needles to help administer necessary medications, you will likely now exactly how to dispose of them. However, there are several prohibited products which may not cross your mind and can likely be found in your home right now.


Many people think that the restrictions regarding the disposal of batteries only apply to large batteries, such the battery out of your vehicle. However, these restrictions also apply to the alkaline batteries that are used in children's toys, flashlights, and many other common household products.

The reason that the disposal of batteries must be regulated is that these products contain mercury. Over time, the battery will corrode and the mercury and acid inside will seep out. When this happens, local water and food supplies could potentially become poisoned by the high mercury levels in the surrounding soil.

Household Pesticides

Nowadays, most households have at least one can of pesticides sitting around to help tackle an ant infestation or stray cockroach in the house. Oftentimes, people don't think twice before throwing away their pesticide bottles along with the rest of their trash. After all, if these products are safe for use in your home, they must be safe enough to end up in a landfill, right?

The problem with throwing away pesticides and pesticide containers is not that these products are unsafe in small doses, such as the doses used in and around your home. The problem is, if every household in the country threw away just a small amount of pesticides each year, the high concentration of these chemicals that could be found in local landfills would be incredibly dangerous to both people and the environment.

Cell Phones

It is quite common for people to replace their cell phone as often as once a year as new and exciting technology is made available. Unfortunately, rather than recycling their old phones, far too many people choose to simply throw their old phone out with the trash.

Like many electronics, cell phones can contain lead, mercury, and many other potentially dangerous toxins. While these substances will not cause you any harm when using the phone as intended, they can become very dangerous if high concentrations are allowed to soak into the soil.

So What Do You Do With All These Forbidden Items?

Just because you cannot throw these items in with your regular household waste does not mean that your waste management company cannot help you with their disposal. This is because most waste management companies now offer recycling programs, as well as hazardous material disposal programs. A quick phone call to your trash removal company will allow you to find out exactly where you can take these items so that they can be disposed of properly. For more information, contact a company like B-P Trucking Inc.